CBD Oil For Pain?

Pain causes so much distress in the lives of thousands, even millions of people worldwide. It causes sleeplessness and changes people’s personalities.

Pain disables individuals, so they can no longer take part in sports or other activities. Pain can isolate, hospitalize, and make people desperate.

When pain is short-term, one can see an end to the suffering, but many disorders and diseases are long-term. Until a cure is found, a person can anticipate pain for the foreseeable future.

Treating Pain Personally

Patients often choose to handle their pain alone, without help from medicos. They seek relief from OTC medications like anti-inflammatories and Tylenol. They apply heat pads, strong-smelling creams that cool and heat an area, get a massage, or use ice and heat alternately.

Unfortunately, many individuals turn to recreational drugs or alcohol in order to achieve relief, but eventually they have to visit a doctor if pain persists.

Treating Pain Traditionally

A doctor will usually prescribe stronger painkillers and anti-inflammatories, possibly even narcotic substances. He knows that the patient has already done what he or she can with OTC remedies. It’s now time to increase the dose or try stronger options.

He will also call for tests to determine the cause of pain; sometimes, a chiropractic adjustment or surgery would be the answer, but painkillers manage discomfort for now.

Long-term Pain Prognosis

Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, necrosis, migraines: these are just four possible causes of pain that doesn’t go away and might not respond to western medicine. Maybe these illnesses respond, but a doctor cannot continue to prescribe an opioid or synthetic equivalent to the patient.

This so often leads to addiction and even to death. Could there be another solution in which one is not abandoned to his or her affliction?

CBD Oil for Pain

More and more doctors are seeing the benefits of CBD Oil, such as a remedy for discomfort caused by chronic inflammation or by nerve-related pain. This substance is used with much success for the treatment of fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and numerous other conditions.

It is possible that many illnesses are treated with CBD Oil in isolated cases or small pockets of communities and research is not yet available because the numbers are few. Scientists need enough data to come to quantifiable conclusions. Anything which cannot be assessed scientifically would only be considered anecdotal evidence.

Does a Doctor Need Scientific Proof to Prescribe CBD Oil?

If this substance is legal for prescription in a state, does a doctor need to prove the logic of his or her conclusion when prescribing it to a patient? Logic is a funny thing and not always subject to wider findings; sometimes, personal logic will prevail.

A patient is suffering from severe arthritis, a disease which causes inflammation in joints. CBD is not widely used to treat arthritis pain, but is a successful remedy for other forms of inflammation and causes of pain.

Why not at least try this remedy for arthritis? The patient’s individual case and symptoms help her doctor to determine a course of action while she also becomes part of the research process, probably with extreme gratitude. Given its reputation for efficacy, the patient would soon experience relief.

Is It Safe?

CBD Oil is not associated with addiction or overdose. It’s not THC — a psychoactive element found in marijuana and responsible for a lot of poor decision-making in youth and adults. Studies suggest that pain is far more dangerous to an individual than CBD Oil could ever be unless there was a problem with toxicity at the source. Contaminated products would certainly cause more harm than good, but that’s why consumers visit reliable suppliers.

Compare current findings regarding this plant-based remedy with opiates and untreated pain. Opiates and synthetic narcotics cause thousands of visits to ER every year. Untreated pain leads to anxiety, anger, isolation, stress, and even enough stress to cause a heart attack. After years of untreated pain, many people will commit suicide rather than live one more day without relief.

Is It Cost Effective?

Relative to narcotics and costs to the medical system when they are abused, CBD is cheap. Overall, CBD and other alternatives like hypnosis and massage contribute to a better, cheaper outcome. When one deals only with licensed vendors or trained therapists such as acupuncturists and masseurs, the results can be far better than western remedies are able to bring into effect.